Money means a lot of things to people. 


It means…




And these are the exact reasons why...


Most people are in an endless loop when it comes to money. Time keeps passing by but the patterns of the past keep being repeated.


Patterns like:

There never being "enough" money

Hitting an "income ceiling"

Inconsistent client attraction

The Revenue Rollercoaster  - record months followed by disappointing ones

Money coming in and then going right back out


All of these patterns are tied to those meanings I listed above.

 If money means power and you don’t feel powerful, you can’t call money in or hold it.

If money means support and you don’t feel supported, you won’t believe money or the clients will be there for you.

If money means worthiness and you don’t feel “good enough”, money will slip through your fingers.


That is, until you clear your energy around money and your relationship to these ways of being.


There Are 3 Components To Aligning With Wealth:

1. Release and Rewrite Your Money Memory

In order to call in something new you have to start with a clean slate.
That’s why we’ve very intentionally made this the first stage in the process.

Recognize Your Patterns:
Learn to identify the unhealthy money habits keeping you at your current level.
Learn To Clear Money Karma:
Your money karma isn’t just your subconscious beliefs about money, it’s all of that plus your parent’s paradigm and ancestral energy around money that lives in your DNA. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where it came from, your job is to clear it so you can create a new experience with money. We give you a process to do just that.
Break the Debt Cycle:
Learn where chronic debt comes from and how to break the cycle for good.
Build a New Money Memory:
You can’t see a new future through the clouded lens of your past. Learn to rewrite your story to support the future you desire.
2. Manifest - Attune to Wealth

After the old ways are cleared, we’re free to play in the present and attune to the frequency and vibration of money.

Go Beyond Goal Setting:
Goals set in traditional ways can actually energetically hold you back. We’ll show you a new way to create goals that support your vision and open you up to miracles.
Learn To Play With The Universe:
Step into your feminine energy and connect to your intuition. Without the old energy of the past weighing you down you can easily follow the nudges leading you to wealth and success.
Become the Channel:
Money is all around you. We’ll show you how to tune into the flow of money and become a channel for abundance.
Raise Your Frequency:
Learn a process for quickly processing your emotions so you can raise your vibration quickly and hold the higher frequency.
3. Make the Money Moves

The last step in the process is bringing everything together and taking aligned action. In this portion we take you through a challenge of energetic and tactical money making actions in your business.

15 Days of Strategic Money-Making Action Items:
Designed to show you how action taken in alignment and in the right energy has a massive impact on your revenue.
Raise Your Earning IQ:
See opportunities to earn, create offers, drive sales, and make money like you never have before.
Contagious Success:
A private Facebook Group for members to share their wins, network, create opportunities within the community and lift each other up. Being a part of a community of people all taking action at the same time creates a vortex of energy. This will be a money vortex!

Over the next few months, I will be hosting a series of courses that will take you through the process of aligning with wealth.


You can purchase each piece of the puzzle a la carte or purchase a bundle that gets you all three for the ultimate savings. 


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Your Money Memory


Previously Recorded Program

  • Recognize Your Patterns
  • Learn To Clear Your Abundance Blocks
  • Break The Debt Cycle
  • Build A New Money Memory



Money Manifestation Accelerator


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  • Go Beyond Goal Setting
  • Learn To Play With The Universe
  • Become The Channel for High-Ticket Clients
  • Raise Your Frequency

Money Moves


Regular Price $777

Starts January 24th

  • 15 Days of Strategic Money-Making Action Items
  • Raise Your Earning IQ
  • Take Action In Alignment with Your Human Design



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Meet Your Instructor


Nicole Laino is a startup Founder, Peak Performance Coach, a Rapid Relief Technique & NLP Practitioner, the host of the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast, and a self-proclaimed "Type-A Hippie". She helps ambitious women harness their feminine energy and break free from subconscious patterns of perfectionism and over-analyzing so they can sell and serve at their highest level. Unlike other mindset coaches who focus only on the energetics of business, Nicole uses her background in corporate, entrepreneurship, and the start-up world to advise her clients on developing their sustainable multiple 6-figure business strategy while opening up to abundance.