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Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode #153

Celebrity HD Reading: Bono - 1/3 Emotional Generator


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Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode #152

A Tip For Each Human Design Type


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Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode #151

Your Messaging Archetype with 1/4 Emotional Generator, Christina Frei



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Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 112

Episode #150 


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Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode #149

HD Reading with 5/1 Pure Generator: Daisy Mack (LISTENER CONTEST WINNER)
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Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode #148

Lead Gen by Design Series: Generators & Mani Gens
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Nicole Laino
About The Show

Demystifying The Mystical

Bringing spiritual concepts down to Earth.

Your host is Nicole Laino: Human Design Coach, Gene Keys Guide, EFT, and NLP Practitioner. In each episode, Nicole and her guests are going to teach you about tools to help you overcome self-doubt and people-pleasing to step into alignment.

This podcast is for the unfulfilled hustlers out there–you feel called to create more in your life and you’re willing to face your fears in pursuit of that goal. We’ll teach you how to stand in your power, own your voice, and master your mindset to create ease and flow in your life and business.

When you learn to live in alignment with your true self instead of chasing who you are not, you become grounded in your purpose, expand your energy, and eliminate your “stuck strategies” and unhealthy behavior patterns so you can live bigger while doing less.

You are only limited by the limitations that you accept, and The Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast is here to help guide you to become limitless.

"This is the place for getting outside your comfort zone and into your growth zone. Nicole has curated conversations that open up my mind and heart so I can bring all of me into my business."