Hey there, I'm Nicole Laino

I'm a startup Founder and business coach, guiding entrepreneurs to build a life and business they love.

Learn More About Nicole

What if... you had a plan to create the digital product or program your audience can’t wait to buy...

● What if... the stress of social media was lifted and you knew exactly what to post in order to build “know, like, and trust” with your audience...

● What if... you were bringing in enough money every month that YOU paid for a family vacation, a home renovation, or paid off your household debt.

● What if... you could build a sustainable business you were proud of and prove to yourself and your family and friends that you were a “real” entrepreneur...

...without getting a million social media followers, or becoming an “influencer”?

How I Can Help

Develop a 6-Figure Mindset

Successful entrepreneurs aren't born, they're made and it all starts with how they think.  When you elevate your thinking, you elevate everything around you.  Together we'll envision and craft  The 6-Figure YOU.

Get More Leads

No more posting for the sake of posting.  No more agonizing over your content only to hear crickets when you finally put it up on social. Together we'll craft a social media strategy to bring inbound leads to you.

Get Organized

Create processes for your business that you can easily pass onto your team. Empowering them and freeing you to only work in your zone of genius.


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