Helping ambitious women harness their feminine energy and break free from subconscious patterns of perfectionism and over-analyzing so they can sell and serve at their highest level - without the burn out.


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What if...

.......... had a plan to create the digital product or program your audience can’t wait to buy?

...the stress of social media was lifted and you knew exactly what to post in order to build “know, like, and trust” with your audience? were bringing in enough money every month that YOU paid for a family vacation, a home renovation, or paid off your household debt? could build a sustainable business you were proud of and prove to yourself and your family and friends that you were a “real” entrepreneur?

...without getting a million social media followers, or becoming an “influencer”?

 How I Can Help 


Develop a 6-Figure Mindset

Successful entrepreneurs aren't born, they're made and it all starts with how they think. When you elevate your thinking, you elevate everything around you. Together we'll envision and craft The 6-Figure YOU.

Get More Leads

No more posting for the sake of posting. No more agonizing over your content only to hear crickets when you finally put it up on social. Together we'll craft a social media strategy to bring inbound leads to you.

Get Organized

Create processes for your business that you can easily pass onto your team. Empowering them and freeing you to only work in your zone of genius.

Nicole Laino

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Client Love
Kim Gerrity

"As we dug into human design, and I started looking at my purpose, and that concept of helping women move from one thing into a new thing. It just opened up this beautiful, bold confidence in me. And it gave me words to put to what I want to do."

"I started working with Nicole and I start to see movement. So from February to June, I make my first sales in my own business. And then [$10K in 5 days] happens when I'm so in alignment, and it is exactly what I'm called to do in this world."

Sarah Schindler

"I have a deeper understanding of myself. I feel more confident in who I am and my abilities to do anything really.

And just the confidence has gone way up. If I think about who I was when I started, it's like, oh my gosh. I was like this sad little girl.

And now I don't feel that way anymore. I feel more capable of reaching my goals and doing what I want. 

I did a launch the same time a year ago and I'm charging more than double than I did last year. And it wasn't so hard.

It's given me more compassion, more patience, more love."

Krystal Reinhard

"I believed in myself enough to follow through, and then charge accordingly. And I got the contract and the contract was higher than my goal of $50,000. So it's only getting bigger and better.

Working with Nicole has been life changing from start to finish. It will change everything: personally, professionally. Everywhere you can think.

My advice to somebody is if you're on the fence, you need to do it.

If it comes down to money, don't let that be the barrier. Just figure out a way to do it."

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