Let's reprogram your beliefs and unblock your abundance to create a 6-figure leap in your business. 

The Limitless Entrepreneur is a 12-month mentorship program for coaches, course creators, and service providers who are ready to step into their next level of power. 

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What's the difference between the high-ticket entrepreneur with a year long wait list and the entrepreneur who's struggling to get by?

You might think it's...

  • The strategy they use
  • The size of their team
  • The services they sell
  • Their audience size
  • The level of people in their audience

But you would be wrong. 

Strategy is important, but, the difference between massively successful entrepreneurs and struggling CEOs is not what they're doing, it's who they are BEING when they're doing it.

It's their energy.

What if...

  • You had a process for releasing and transmuting energetic blocks to success
  • The energetic embodiment work was taught to you in an approachable and actionable way
  • You had personal guidance on how to package and position your unique gifts into "hell yes" offers 
  • You reprogrammed your brain to align with the 6+ figure business you desire
  • You learned the psychology of sales to turn every connection into potential cash

When you reprogram your beliefs and align your energy...

  • You become massively more productive
  • You release old ways of being like people-pleasing and playing small

So you can FINALLY speak your message with power and start charging what you're worth.

I'm Nicole and I'm a peak-performance coach, business strategist, and self-proclaimed Type-A hippie. 

I'm a former actor, Wall Street girl, and I also founded a software company (like I said, Type-A hippie ). I spent most of my life swinging from my creative side to my analytical/business mind and feeling torn because I didn't believe that these two sides of me could coexist. I thought I had to be one way or the other. Thankfully I was wrong!

This has become my Zone of Genius - helping women blend the strategic and energetic sides of their business to achieve exponential results.

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The Limitless Entrepreneur Group Mentorship is the only program that takes you through the

Practical Manifesting Method

Finally a simple approach to manifesting that actually produces results for your business!


Reprogram your beliefs to be more productive, prolific, and start charging what you're worth.


Get "Copywriter Ready". Craft your mission-based message, create "hell yes" offers, and position yourself as an expert.


Clear energetic blocks and step into a new level of BEING. Align with your dream life & call in abundance.


Heal your relationship with money - including shame around debt and your family's financial paradigm.

Here's a peek at what's inside the program

Your Business Blueprint

Get clarity on your business and lifestyle goals and lay the foundation for creating consistency in your business by learning productivity and energy management tools.

Rewiring Your Brain for Success

We lay the groundwork for uncovering and reprogramming the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. Meditations, Vision-Casting Exercises, Journaling, and Developing your 6-Figure Ascension Guide.

Planning for Profit

Always know where your revenue is coming from. In this section we teach you how to forecast your revenue goals and plan your marketing and sales activity to reach and surpass those goals. Templates are provided to help members plan their year.

Your Story, Your Brand, and Your Superpower

Creating a brand that is authentic to you. Here we dive deep into crafting your story and using it to supercharge your message.

Knowing Your Niche

Defining your niche, building your Aligned Client Avatar, and a structure to conduct market research so you can know your market inside and out. We use this to tailor your content to serve the audience that’s perfect for you and WILL BUY from you.

Social Media Bootcamp

All the latest strategies for growing your audience and your business using social media. Creating content that sells, developing your content batching strategy, and how to use Facebook & Instagram Stories effectively are all covered.

Closing the Sale

Never wonder how to close a sale again! We walk you through the psychology behind why people buy, how to control the relationship (and control the sale), and the real reasons behind objections and how to eliminate them before they even come up!

The Live Launch Process

Learn the full process for planning, marketing, and executing a successful Live Launch Workshop - the most powerful monetization tool on the market. 

Selling with Facebook Groups

How to create a profitable Facebook Group. We cover the foundations for a successful group, how to fill your group with your ICA, creating content and a schedule for content that keeps your group engaged.

Create Your Signature Program

Learn how to create a scalable signature program that delivers for your clients and you.

Convert with Live Video

There is no faster or more effective way to build connection with your audience than using Live Video. Nicole uses her 15 years of experience and training as an actor to give you the confidence to show up powerfully online.

And more!

New material is added to the program regularly. If the members need something we create it - either with recorded content, live workshops, or implementation sessions. 

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Limited Time Bonus #1: Limitless You Energy Clearing Course. This course utilizes the Rapid Relief Technique (EFT Tapping) to accelerate your persnal growth, eliminate limiting beliefs, and energetic blocks that are holding you back. (Value $1500)
Limited Time Bonus #2: Access to all paid live programs and masterclasses Nicole runs while you are a member of the mentorship (Value $10,000)
Limited Time Bonus #3: Magnetic Messaging 6-Week Workshop: Lessons, coaching, and implementation sessions designed to help you craft a premium

Let's Recap...

Here's everything you'll get when you join

The Limitless Entrepreneur

Limitless Entrepreneur Digital Content Portal          

2 Live Coaching Calls Per Week w/Nicole $25,000
Private Facebook Group $1,300
Monthly Group Accountability Calls $1,300
Monthly Co-Working & Implementation Calls $1,300
Limitless You Energy Clearing Program $1,500
Magnetic Messaging 6-Week Workshop $2,500
Access to All Paid Programs & Masterclasses $10,000
Total Value $46,100
  Your Investment $6,000
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You have come to the crossroads in your hero's journey. 

Path #1

Path #2

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Go it alone

Subconscious transformation and embodiment is some of the most difficult work to do on your own. It's your beliefs and your way of being that brought you to this place. Somewhere inside you know that this road will only bring you more of what you're already experiencing. 

Rise with a Mentor

Or you can choose to get support and enlist a trained mentor that has walked the path before you and can see your unconscious patterns. When you join a container like the Limitless Entrepreneur it activates a new level of belief and skill within you. Allowing you to raise your prices and operate your business as the entrepreneur you've been called to be. 

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