Nicole Laino
Unshakeable Entrepreneur

Learn to blend Human Design, the Gene Keys, and proven business strategies to be seen as an authority and build a 6-figure business by design. 



You've hired all the gurus - you followed their plan, and you're still plateaued. It's time you found YOUR WAY.


There's no greater asset in your business than you. When you're a personal brand - the face of your company - you ARE the product.


The Abundance Codes Method will show you how to use your Human Design to:


Learn how to master your design to become more productive & magnetic


Become an Authority by calibrating your identity & message to your unique design


Create a funnel by design so your monetization strategy is tailored to you

Every strategy someone's trying to market to you comes down to one thing...

YOU - the operator of that strategy.  

Everything that sounds like a magic bullet that will skyrocket your income is only as good as you are.

  • High-Ticket Sales
  • Selling with Video
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • PR Strategy
  • The Million Dollar Launch Funnel

Every one of these listed requires you to be an Authority.

Let me guess...

You've bought at least some of these types of programs in the past and you're still not sustaining 6-figures. 

That's because you can't be an authority to others, if you aren't an authority to yourself.

Here's the truth

I understand this more than you know.

One of my greatest fears in life was that my gifts would die inside of me, never being truly experienced or expressed.

These ways of staying stuck are actually your subconscious mind keeping you ORDINARY.

There are a few things I need you to know...

  1. You are NOT ORDINARY by any means.
  2. You were born with a code with specific gifts that dictates how you were meant to contribute and create abundance in your life.
  3. Within your Unique Abundance Codes is your Authority Matrix.  It tells you who you're here to be, what you're meant to do, how you best communicate your message, and who you were meant to serve.
  4. Your entire business can be strategized and fine-tuned using your U.A.C.
  5. Identifying your genius is NOT the end-game. Genius is born in you but it must be nurtured, channeled, and - most importantly - committed to.



"I got the contract and it was higher than that $50,000 goal I set when we started working together. So it's only getting bigger and better. It's been life changing from start to finish.  It will change everything. Personally, professionally, everywhere you can think. 

Even if I had the process and procedures, I wouldn't have known what to do with it because I would've still been self-sabotaging myself. I would not be where I am and I tell that to everybody I'm associated with right now. 

My advice to somebody is if you're on the fence, you need to do it.

If it comes down to money, don't let that be the barrier. Just figure out a way to do it."

Krystal, Interior Designer

"I've signed clients, manifested my dream job and more money than I've ever made.
Working with Nicole not only changed my business, it changed my life."

Sarah, Holistic Health Coach

Unshakeable Entrepreneur 

The Abundance Codes Method Combines Human Design & Business Strategy to take you to 6-Figures & Beyond...

Unshakeable Sequence

Human Design gives us the codes to your unshakeable nature.  In this phase we get you operating in alignment with your design and deconditioning so you are naturally attracting more and living in flow.

RESULT:  Complete and total trust in yourself.  Easy manifestation. More productive and profitable while working less.


The second phase is turning the volume up on key aspects of your Human Design so you are unapologetically being your most badass self everywhere you go and learning to sell through key energies in your chart.

RESULT:  Positioned as an expert.  Effortlessly attracting dream clients. You're finally able to use strategies like high-ticket sales.

by Design

Every business needs strategy but all strategies aren't right for everyone.  Together we'll build your funnel from top to bottom according to your unique design.


RESULT: A process that moves leads through your funnel to conversion and FEELS GOOD to you. 

Here's what you'll get

Everything you need to achieve your goal

Nicole Laino
Phase 1

Unshakeable Sequence

Self-Mastery, Productivity, and Become Unshakeable to your Core 

  • Master your Human Design Energy type
  • Productivity by Design
    Learn what strategies work for your specific design to achieve flow & avoid burnout
  • Human Design Strategy & Authority
    Learn how to tune into your inner GPS so you're making decisions in alignment with your goals and your design
  • Your Energetic Signature
    Learn how to raise your vibration at will and operate in higher frequencies by understanding how to shift into the highest expression of each energy center
  • Decondition & Clear The Past 

    You can't move forward if you're still triggered by the past and operating from unconscious patterns.  Learn a process to clear trauma and trust yourself and others completely

Phase 2

Authority Matrix

Become an Authority to Yourself and Others

  • Your Authority Matrix
    Discover your unique Human Design code that positions you as an authority in your space
  • Your Authentic Voice
    Discover your content pillars & learn persuasive messaging to increase demand for your services
  • Becoming Irresistible
    Build offers and offer suites in alignment with your design
  • Sales by Design
    Learn to "sell from your centers" and the most effective ways to attract leads and create revenue streams
Nicole Laino
Nicole Laino
Phase 3

Funnel by Design

Build your funnel from lead gen to conversion according to your Human Design 

  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Offers by Design
    Learn which offers are most in alignment for you.  Structure them to support your energy type, your authority, and your income goals.  Together we'll develop a value ladder that supports you.
  • Conversions and Launch
    No more launch burn out!  Choosing a launch or conversion strategy that supports your energy and positioning.
Nicole Laino

let's recap....

Here's everything you get when you join The Unshakeable Entrepreneur 

  • The Unshakeable Entrepreneur Business By Human Design Digital Portal (Value $5,000)
  • Access to the Unshakeable YOU Deconditioning Library for trauma healing to make you UNSHAKEABLE (Value $1,500)
  • Access to the Self-Mastery Digital Program for Nervous System Regulation (Value $1,000)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Nicole (Value $10,000)
  • Private Facebook Group (Value $1,300)

That's a total value of $18,800 when you sign up for the program.

WAIT, there's more!


"The Vault" Digital Course Content on the following:

Your Business Blueprint

Get clarity on your business and lifestyle goals and lay the foundation for creating consistency in your business by learning productivity and energy management tools. 

Rewiring Your Brain For Success

We lay the groundwork for uncovering and reprogramming the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. Meditations, vision-casting exercises, journaling, and developing your 6-figure ascension guide. 

Planning for Profit

Always know where your revenue is coming from. In this section we teach you how to forecast your revenue goals and plan your marketing and sales activity to reach and surpass those goals. Templates are provided to help members plan their year. 

Your Story, Your Brand, & Your Superpower

Creating a brand that is authentic to you. Here we deep dive into crafting your story and using it to supercharge your message. 

Knowing Your Niche

Defining your niche, building your Aligned Client Avatar, and a structure to conduct market research so you can understand your market inside and out. We use this to tailor your content to serve the audience that is perfect for you and WILL BUY from you. 

Social Media Bootcamp

All the latest strategies for growing your audience and your business using social media. Creating content that sells, developing your content batching strategy, and how to use Facebook & Instagram Stories effectively are all covered. 

Closing The Sale

Never wonder how to close a sale again! We walk you through the psychology behind why people buy, how to control the relationship (and control the sale), and the real reasons behind objections and how to eliminate them before they ever come up!

The Live Launch Process

Learn the full process for planning, marketing, and executing a successful Live Launch Workshop - the most powerful monetization tool on the market. 

Selling with Facebook Groups

How to create a profitable Facebook group. We cover the foundations for a successful group, how to fill your group with your ICA, creating content, and a content schedule that will keep your group engaged. 

Create Your Signature Program

Learn how to create a scalable signature program that delivers for your clients and you. 

Convert with Live Video

There is no faster or more effective way to build connection with your audience than using live video. Nicole uses her 15 years of experience and training as an actor to give you the confidence to show up powerfully online. 

And More!

New material is added to the program regularly. If our members need something, we create it - either with recorded content, live workshops, or implementation sessions. 

"I thought I didn't have the money to join the program and then I looked at the value and realized I couldn't afford NOT to join. I wouldn't be where I am without the Limitless Entrepreneur Program."

-Brooke, Entrepreneur

"There is so much that Nicole brings that you can't get in any other program. She meets people where they're at. It's changed my mindset and how I show up every day for my clients."

-Laura, Entrepreneur

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