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Episode 36: The Superpowers of Courage, Vulnerability and Authenticity in Life and Business with Lisa Winneke

Jun 09, 2021

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In order to take aligned action in either your business or your life, you need to be in tune with your heart and with your vision. This week Nicole welcomes to the podcast Lisa Winneke, a Connector, Speaker, Author and Truth seeker with qualifications in numerous energy modalities.

She is passionate about life, and it is with her big heart, courage and vulnerability, combined with an innate ability to communicate, that she effortlessly supports people connecting back to their true nature and the innate wisdom that resides within.
Lisa and Nicole are talking about how they have learned to stay connected to and lead with their heart. Lisa has been deeply immersed in the world of ‘personal development’ for almost 15 years, having travelled the globe to seek out the greatest teachers and has experienced the gifts of deeply transforming herself from decades of depression and anxiety to living a life she loves.
Lisa is sharing the tools...
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Episode #35: Harness the Power of Your Human Design with Analena Fuchs

Jun 02, 2021

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This week on the podcast, Nicole is welcoming Spiritual Business & Human Design Coach Analena Fuchs to talk all things Human Design. 


If you’ve never heard of Human Design, it’s not a personality test, it’s a map of your unique design—your soul curriculum. It gives you a guide to your life purpose, and practical tools for how to live your most successful life in business and relationships. 


In other words, it helps you learn how to navigate YOU. It’s a personality assessment with a strategy. 


It combines ideas from the disciplines of astrology, Kabbalah, chakras, and more to give you an idea of how you can best achieve your life’s purpose. 


Analena will walk us through the different personality types within human design, and the strategies that the different types can use for success. You will be ready to get your own Human Design reading after listening to this episode! ...

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Episode #34: The Power of Boundaries in Life and Business with Naketa Ren Thigpen

May 26, 2021

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This week on the podcast, Nicole is talking to balance and relationship advisor Naketa Ren Thigpen. Naketa helps exhausted power couples and married women entrepreneurs reconnect with their forever love and amplify their intimacy, when they find themselves sacrificing their relationships because they’re so consumed with the wild success they’re experiencing in business.

She’s also been called the “Queen of Balance” or the “Queen of Intimacy,” but today Naketa is dropping wisdom from her 20 years as a licensed clinical social worker and trauma expert and now after 10 years of coaching entrepreneurs, she’s got some serious knowledge to share.
Naketa saw how trauma impacted the lives of her clients as a therapist in ALL of their relationships, and took all of that clinical background to use modern coaching techniques without losing those clinical tools to help entrepreneurs thrive and create balance in...
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Episode #33: Cracking the Consistency Code

May 19, 2021

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If you struggle with staying consistent in your business, Nicole is sharing her secrets to crack the consistency code and discover what is standing in your way of being able to share your magic consistently.

We all have magic to share with the world, but often run into blocks when it comes to being visible and sharing that magic with the world.

Nicole asks you to consider what it means to you to be consistent, whether that’s in showing up on social media, or putting out content, or another area of your business.

She’s going to invite you to go deeper and examine just what is standing in your way of being visible and sharing your magic with the world.

You were put on this Earth for a reason, and staying consistent is the only way to get your message out to the world. Nicole is sharing her secrets in this episode to cracking the consistency code, and you won’t want to miss it.

If you enjoyed this week's episode, I'd so appreciate you doing a few...

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Episode #32: Is Your Money Story Influencing Your Business Results with Aimee LaLiberte

May 12, 2021

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This week on the podcast Nicole is welcoming Aimee LaLiberte, a trusted profitability advisor to six and seven-figure business owners who are tired of being behind in their books and are ready to uncover blind spots, course correct, and ultimately get more profitable.


Aimee also is a certified life and money coach and work with business owners who seek greater confidence and unwavering drive to attract and build wealth in their businesses and lives.


Aimee is sharing with us the insights she uses with her clients to help them maximize their profits and hit their money goals. She’s going to share how you can structure your goals so that you can meet and even surpass them, and how she helps her clients work through their money blocks to achieve a profitable business with ease. 

Stay Connected with Aimee: 

If you enjoyed this...

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Episode #31: Rewrite Your Money Rules to Master High-Ticket Sales with Chris Kenney

May 05, 2021

This week we are welcoming master sales coach, million dollar business owner, and sought after wealth mentor Chris Kenney.

From the moment they wing into his orbit, Chris rewires his clients’ brains and businesses at warp speed, teaching them how to leverage universal principles to 10X their income and finally breakthrough to multi-six and seven-figures. Chris is sharing some of his transformational strategies and how you can achieve them too.

As Chris says, without something or someone to pull you out of negative belief system you’ll continue to create the same results, and this episode will help kick-start your transformation into becoming unapologetic and having complete integrity with the relationship you have with yourself.

He’s also spilling his secrets on how to build massive urgency around problems your people have. Grab a pen and paper because this episode is packed with actionable tips to up level your money mindset and master high ticket sales.


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Episode #30: Creating an Aligned Brand with Kathy Spence

Apr 28, 2021


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This week on the podcast Nicole welcomes branding photographer, brand strategist, and the host of the Align & Hustle Podcast, Kathy Spence! 


Kathy helps businesses make the most of uncertain times by aligning their visual communication with their unique brand message to stand out, attract dream clients, grow their impact and income.


Kathy and Nicole discuss: 

  • The process of starting her podcast amidst the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic
  • How to approach your brand in a way that is authentic to you
  • How to focus on impact over influence
  • How she learns about her clients to create branding photos to grow business in a unique and authentic way
  • The first question she asks her clients to give them clarity on their brand
  • How to know when you’re in or out of alignment, and how to shift and recenter to bring yourself back into alignment

Stay Connected with Kathy: 

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Episode #29: Say Goodbye to People Pleasing

Apr 21, 2021

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If you struggle with being a people pleaser, this week’s episode is for you. 


You might say, “I’m not a people pleaser!” but so many of us have an unconscious programming that keeps us in a pattern of playing small that we don’t even realize we’re doing. 


If you struggle with visibility and stepping out and being the best version of yourself, or if you have difficulty executing on things or calling in and receiving the things you want to create, you might be bumping up against this internal block causing you to get the same results over and over. 


Nicole shares her secrets for overcoming people pleasing, including how to stop getting stuck on getting it “right,” how to be fully enough on your own that you don’t need others approval, and how to step out in faith instead of fear. You don’t want to miss this! 

If you enjoyed this week's episode, I'd so...

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Episode #28: Going from Good to Great with Spencer Snakard

Apr 14, 2021


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There is inherent conflict between who are as limitless, spiritual beings, and who we are as break-able human beings. When we feel dissatisfied, held back, or like what we want is not coming at the speed, scale, or ease we want – and therefore feel like we’re dragging an anchor around or “getting in our own way” – it’s because we are, as part of our natural design to survive.

This week on the podcast Nicole welcomes Spencer Snakard, Executive Transformation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Throughout her 25 year career, she has helped visionary entrepreneurs and conscious, world-changing leaders break through barriers to their next level of success by transforming from the inside-out so they can profitably & sustainably fulfill their mission to make major impact.

Nicole and Spencer discuss:
- How to integrate y our two parts (spiritual & human) to truly thrive with freedom, fulfillment, and the power to make...

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Episode #27: Market Your Genius with Nikki Nash

Apr 07, 2021

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Do you feel like you want to make a difference in the world and have bounced from thing to thing trying to find how to do so? This week on the podcast Nicole welcomes author, speaker, and marketing mentor Nikki Nash to speak to this exact experience. 


Nikki set out to climb the corporate ladder when she was young because it was what she was “supposed to do,” but quickly realized she wasn’t fulfilled by the work she was doing. She now helps women-identifying people take their experiences, expertise, and magic and share it into the world and turn it into a profitable business so that they can do what they love.


She believes that everyone on the planet can create a life they’re madly in love with, and she’s here to show you how. 


Nikki and Nicole discuss:

  • What did and didn’t work, and how she believes even your mistakes happen for a reason
  • How to show up as your full and complete self in your...
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