Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 10 From Welfare Mom to Global Influencer with Fatima Omar

Episode #10: From Welfare Mom to Global Influencer with Fatima Omar

Dec 09, 2020


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Do you feel like the world's best kept secret?

Like you have untapped potential and if you only you had the tools to get your story out into the world you'd be a superstar?

But maybe you feel like your past or a voice inside you is holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Well, get ready to be inspired by today's guest, Fatima Omar. She's sharing her remarkable story of how she went from being a mom of 5 on welfare to a global influencer and author of multiple #1 best sellers.

She teaches women to reclaim their power and run their business like the queen they are!

Highlights from the episode:

-How to fall in love with your future more than your past
-How to defeat imposter syndrome once and for all
-You DO have a story. Tips on how to tell it for maximum impact.
-Overcoming abuse and becoming a queen

Fatima Omar Khamissa is a leader in personal branding who loves to shine the spotlight on you through marketing, certified coach training and bestseller publishing.

From a single mom-of-five on government assistance to global influencer, Fatima’s courage and determination has inspired fans internationally and audiences to breakthrough and discover their own unlimited potential.

Connect with Fatima: 

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