Private Coaching with Nicole Laino
Private Coaching with Nicole Laino

-  You've tried the one-size-fits-all solutions but haven't been able to get the results you're looking for. 

-  You feel like you know what you should do but can't seem to get there. 

-  You feel like you've hit a plateau you just can't seem to get past. 

-  You feel like life is constantly "getting in the way" of your business

A completely custom solution to help you create a strategy to achieve your goals. 

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I'm Nicole and I'm a peak-performance coach, business strategist, and self-proclaimed Type-A hippie. 

I'm a former actor, Wall Street girl, and I also founded a software company (like I said, Type-A hippie ). I spent most of my life swinging from my creative side to my analytical/business mind and feeling torn because I didn't believe that these two sides of me could coexist. I thought I had to be one way or the other. Thankfully I was wrong!

This has become my Zone of Genius - helping women blend the strategic and energetic sides of their business to achieve exponential results.