#165 - Living Your Purpose Through Human Design

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What is my purpose and how do I live it? You may know you're here for a reason, but long to find out exactly what it is you're here to do. Today, Nicole shows us how Human Design and Gene Keys can help you crack the code and shed light on the answer. And the answer probably isn't what you think it is. She'll explain why more "knowing" isn't going to get you to the magic answer and how "doing" is truly the path to clarity.

Here's a few of the highlights from this intoxicating episode:

  1. How Human Design is your map and code on how your energy is going to be expressed (and how this impacts your journey to finding your purpose)

  2. Why focusing solely on your Incarnation Cross isn't going to speed up your discovery (and how it ultimately slows it down)

  3. Why operating from your strategy and authority is actually your secret path to purpose

  4. What role conditioning plays in the process

Listen in to start your journey to uncovering your soul's path.



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Nicole Laino

About the Show

The Human Design podcast created specifically for entrepreneurs and high-achievers. Your host is Nicole Laino, 5/1 Manifesting Generator, Peak-performance Coach, Human Design expert, and Gene Keys Guide.

You don’t have to hustle to succeed but you DO have to master the inner game and there’s no greater tool for self-mastery than Human Design. Nicole’s mission with this show is to bring the Human Design knowledge down to earth and make it easy for you to apply in your life and your business.

Creating a life and business you love is closer than you think. Get ready to experience more flow than hustle! If you’ve burned out in hustle mode or feel like something internal is holding you back from scaling, you don’t need to burn your business to the ground, you need to make strategic shifts to the way you are operating and how your business is positioned.

When you stop pouring energy into being someone you’re not designed to be (who your parents told you to be, who you thought you needed to be successful or loved, etc.), then you’re free to fully step into everything you naturally are.

Tune in for new episodes every Monday and Wednesday to learn how Human Design and the Gene Keys can help you turn the volume up on key energies found in your chart. When you’re living in the highest expression of these traits people are drawn to you, your confidence hits a new level, and life gets EASY (and a whole lot more fun).

Human Design opens you up to new ways of seeing yourself, your family, your business, and your team. It’s like a user manual for life and Nicole takes you through how you can use it to become an Unshakeable Human and have an Unshakeable Business. You don’t have to sacrifice results to be happy and live in alignment. Let us show you how.


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What If Life Came With A User Manual? 

Something that could tell you what your purpose on this earth was, how to lean into your gifts, stop leaking energy into the "shoulds" and expectations of others, and live a fuller, happier life?

This is what human design can teach you.

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