#104 Unlock Your Power as an Emotional Authority

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For the 50% of the population with a defined Solar Plexus on their Human Design chart, emotions can feel like a storm swirling around us at all times. In this episode, Nicole is going to be sharing with us about how as Emotional Authorities, we can learn to harness our emotions and use them as the superpower they truly are.

As an emotional authority, you are a thoroughbred—a champion racehorse. But no horse is born a champion, they must be broken first. They have to be understood to be ridden. But most people don't, because they get thrown off and they never get back on the horse. The same can be said for learning to master your emotions, and learning to ride your emotional wave.

If you have not listened to Episode 85, Being An Emotional Authority, that is a good introduction to what it means to be an emotional authority, and this episode dives deeper on how you can harness your unique skills to create magic.

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Nicole Laino

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Your host is Nicole Laino: Human Design Coach, Gene Keys Guide, EFT, and NLP Practitioner. In each episode, Nicole and her guests are going to teach you about tools to help you overcome self-doubt and people-pleasing to step into alignment.

This podcast is for the unfulfilled hustlers out there–you feel called to create more in your life and you’re willing to face your fears in pursuit of that goal. We’ll teach you how to stand in your power, own your voice, and master your mindset to create ease and flow in your life and business.

When you learn to live in alignment with your true self instead of chasing who you are not, you become grounded in your purpose, expand your energy, and eliminate your “stuck strategies” and unhealthy behavior patterns so you can live bigger while doing less.

You are only limited by the limitations that you accept, and The Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast is here to help guide you to become limitless.



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