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Emotional Authority Masterclass

What if being emotional was your superpower

So many Human Design coaches teach that you are a victim of your emotional wave.

You are NO victim.  You are POWERFUL.

Just like a wild horse is powerful. But if you can't ride it that power is intimidating to you.

Your Solar Plexus Center is the wild horse that lives inside of you. We don't want to tame it, we want to become ONE with it.  And that is exactly what you will learn in this Masterclass.



What is an emotional authority?

Do you feel like:

  • You are constantly riding a wave of emotions--you might wake up one day feeling one way and the next day is entirely different?
  • You make a decision confidently one day and then begin to regret it a few days later?
  • You feel a lack of confidence because your emotions are so unpredictable?
  • You procrastinate on things that don't make sense -- you literally can't bring yourself to do them in the moment?
  • You never feel "ready" so you hesitate to make big, bold moves and second-guess yourself when you do 

What would it be like to: 

  • Feel confident in yourself and every decision you made
  • Know how to harness your emotions - not just "manage" them
  • Have creative ideas flowing freely and the energy to bring them to life
  • Master your energy and become a magnet for your desires
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Ready to learn to master your authority? 

In the masterclass, we'll cover:


Your emotional wave - how to navigate it and harness its power


The secret to manifesting as an Emotional Authority (and why you may be having trouble now)


How to finally feel "ready" and move with power instead of fear and unease

Meet yout instructor

Hi, I'm Nicole!

I am a startup Founder, brand strategist, peak performance coach, Human Design & Gene Keys Guide and the host of the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast. I spent 6 years in corporate at a Fortune 100 company before leaving my career for entrepreneurship.

Affectionately referring to myself as a Type-A hippie (a free-spirit who needs structure to thrive) I have found and understand that to be truly successful in business you have to be both strategic and spiritual. I combine proven marketing strategies with brain-based science (NLP & EFT), and my experience as a Human Design Coach and Rapid Manifestation Method Practitioner to help my clients overcome their limiting beliefs, develop their authentic brand, and achieve massive success.

"Mindset work, it all kept me up in my head. And I have an open head center mass, that's not always a good thing. And what human design did was help me understand, how do I move that into my body, into my spirit, like to really be grounded in who I am. It just gave a depth that, frankly, just understanding how my mind works, I never quite got to that depth. And now here I am - I made $10K in 5 days by following my design!"

Kim, Member of The Limitless Entrepreneur Program

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Ready to learn how to master your emotions and use them as the superpower they truly are? 


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