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Turn your tiny social media audience into a steady flow of leads & convert your audience into cash.

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Walk away from this workshop knowing your brand strategy, who you serve, and how to use social media to find and convert leads into sales.

In this FREE, 5-Day Workshop you'll learn how to...

  • Deliver an authentic brand message that draws people to you
  • Identify your ideal client and where to find them online
  • Write killer content that sells  
  • Plan & batch your content
  • Turn your social media channels into a lead machine
  • Cultivate a 6-figure mindset so self-sabotage and procrastination are a thing of the past

Are you ready to convert your tiny audience into cash?

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Who is Nicole Laino?

Nicole Laino is a Reiki Master, business coach and the Founder & CEO of Hilo CRM, a business management software company serving over 10,000 entrepreneurs. Through her coaching programs she helps entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of running and growing their business.  By helping them create processes, define their goals, eliminate their limiting beliefs, and achieve the work-life balance they crave.

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