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Episode #26: How To Increase Your Productivity with Mark Struczewski

Mar 31, 2021

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This week on the podcast, Nicole welcomes Mister Productivity, Mark Struczeski! 


Mark helps entrepreneurs deal with the overwhelm that disrupts their focus and learn to let it go to reduce that overwhelm and have more energy to work on productive activities. 


So many of us can find ourselves sucked into the “vortex of negativity” due to our daily lives, the news, and so much more. Getting stuck in this vortex will make you feel overwhelmed and affect your productivity, so Mark is sharing his best tips to deal with this. 


Mark and Nicole discuss: 

  • How to put things in perspective and not allow technology to have control over you
  • How to strategically choose which platforms to spend your time on
  • How he spends his time on social media
  • Which social platforms he believes are the most value
  • How to add to the conversation and provide value on social media
  • How to collect relationships, not followers and how to...
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Episode #25: What If Everything Was A Sign?

Mar 24, 2021

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How often do things happen to you or are you hit with inspiration that you simply shrug off as meaningless? What if those seemingly mundane things were actually signs that were pointing you down the path to your future?

We so often let the negative voices in our heads tell us these ideas will never work, that our ideas are crazy, that they could never happen, and we trust those limiting beliefs more than we trust our own intuition.

This week on the podcast Nicole is diving deep into just this, and asking you what would happen if you chose to see those pieces of inspiration as breadcrumbs on the path to you going exactly where you were meant to go. She’s helping you stop casting these things off as coincidence and start looking for synchronicities, so that you can receive the course that the universe is plotting out for you.

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Episode #24: How to Create Reliable, Repeatable Revenue in Your Business

Mar 17, 2021


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If you’re a coach who has tried every method under the sun to launch but you’re still not making enough money to sustain you and you’re feeling burnt out, this week’s episode is for you. Nicole is going over how you can stop being reactive, but take in data and use it to create reliable repeat income in your business.


You don’t need to constantly be reinventing the wheel, Nicole will teach you the way to repeatedly bring people into your wold, introduce them to what you do, and give them content that already exists by building a premium signature program that delivers a ton of value.


This will allow you to launch on a schedule, create a cycle, and finally give you space to breathe. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Join us for Nicole’s FREE 5-Day Workshop The Signature Program Accelerator beginning March 29th to learn a proven strategy to create sustainable growth for your business using social...

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Episode #23: How to Harness Your Energy & Achieve "Flow State" with Melissa Zoske

Mar 10, 2021


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If you’ve ever felt stuck, burnt out, overwhelmed, or stressed, this week’s episode is for you. Nicole is talking to Melissa Zoske, an energy alignment business mentor who helps coaches, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs clear their success blocks and step into the highest version of themselves.

Many of us have subconscious beliefs that we may have inherited from as far back as childhood that can affect everything in our lives, including our business. Melissa’s work helps to tap into your intuition and use strategic aligned action steps to tap into a flow state.

Melissa and Nicole cover:
1. How to follow your negative beliefs and energy blocks back to find their trigger
2. What a flow state should feel like, and how to get there
3. How negative programming can be passed down through family systems, and how you can stop that from happening in your own family
4. How your negative beliefs around worthiness and self-worth can affect your...

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Episode #22: From Burnt Out Producer to Backstage Business Boss with Donna Clark

Mar 03, 2021


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For many of us, our business may not be our first career. In fact, we may have spent many years in the corporate world before starting our own business, and that’s what we’re talking about on today’s podcast.

Nicole is talking with Donna Clark, a self-described “backstage business boss” who helps her clients stay in their lane of creative genius. She is an award-winning producer and founder of a brick-and-mortar nonprofit children’s theatre arts academy who took her producing skills to the digital world and launched her own online children’s camp digital membership called the Creative Camp Clubhouse and a Drama Club In A Box digital course.

Donna and Nicole discuss:
-What it’s like to burn out after years in your first career
-Living in an unsupportive marriage and how Donna took the initiative and went after her dreams
-How Donna identifies what her clients need and how her unique skills can help them
-How she...

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Episode #21: 3 Steps to Selling Without Feeling Salesy

Feb 24, 2021


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Do you shy away from conversations with prospects because you feel icky when the conversation turns to sales? These conversations don’t have to feel uncomfortable, in fact, they can feel good once you truly understand what you offer and the value behind it.
Today on the podcast Nicole is sharing her tips for how to feel confident selling without feeling sales-y. You’ll learn her tips to TRULY serve your clients through sales, and how to understand your offer and your ideal clients so well that you can ask the right questions to get right to the root and find out if a client is right for you or not.
With Nicole’s tips, you will see your sales process change, but most importantly, you will see the way you FEEL about sales in your business change. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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Episode #20: Changing Your DNA to Become Limitless with Charan Surdhar

Feb 17, 2021


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You control your destiny. 

And in this week's episode, we're diving into the science behind how you can alter your DNA to create a limitless YOU.  

My guest on the podcast this week is Dr. Charan Surdhar, an epigeneticist who shares with us:

  • How her experience with bullies in the classroom at 10 years old led to her PhD and the life-changing work she does today.
  • How every experience you've had throughout your ancestral lines imprints on your DNA
  • How you can alter your DNA to create the life you want
  • The science behind the manifestation process
  • The steps you can start taking today to change your genetic code and become limitless.

Charan is a geneticist turned epigeneticist with a PhD in Integrative Medicine. Her passion is to combine science with spirituality and ancient wisdom, making it simple, easy and transformative for the body, mind and spirit. She has a  BSc degree in Microbiology, and a MSc in...

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Episode #19: Your Business Can Heal You with Erin Moore

Feb 10, 2021


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What if the key to the transformation you seek already lives inside you? What if your business is the catalyst for the greater growth you are meant to experience in this life?

If you're someone who feels like they are destined for something greater and you're on a quest to embody your most aligned and abundant self, this episode is for you.

This week, Nicole welcomes Dr. Erin Moore to the podcast where they discuss:

-The secret to unlocking your greatest potential
-How to choose the correct path for you
-Why every entrepreneur should "marry themselves"
-The questions you need to be asking yourself to reach next-level success

Dr. Erin Moore, AKA the Heartbreak Doctor, helps women heal their hearts so that they can build a life they love. She is a licensed naturopathic physician and an expert in mind-body medicine.

In her virtual practice, she helps women identify and heal the beliefs and wounds of their past that are tied to their current suffering. She has a...

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Episode #18: How High-Achieving Women Self-Care Their Way to the Top with Ciara Foy

Feb 03, 2021


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If you're like most women entrepreneurs, you're probably an achiever. You have big dreams, ambitious goals, and the determination to make them happen at nearly any cost. But sometimes in pursuit of the best version of yourself and the life and business you've tacked onto your vision board, you forget to put one very important thing on your to-do list...yourself.

Nicole's guest this week is women's health expert, Ciara Foy, and she's discussing the many causes of burnout and what you can do to keep working at peak performance. She shares insight on:

-How to read your body's signals -The role hormones play in burnout
-What feeling unmotivated can really mean
-Creating maximum efficiency in your work through making smart and strategic health choices
-Eating the right foods to fuel your day

Ciara Foy is a Nutritionist, Coach, Author & Speaker, with a practice focused on Hormone & Gut Health. She helps high performing women prevent & heal burnout and...

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Episode #17: The Brand Secrets Behind an $85K Launch with Steph Weber

Jan 27, 2021


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Do you want to build a revolutionary brand that captures your audience's attention and makes an impact but you’re no branding expert? You have pretty colors and fonts, maybe even an entire branding kit, however, you aren’t getting the traction you would like…Well, you’re in luck!

This week, Nicole welcomes Steph Weber to the podcast where they discuss:

- What branding really is
- Why aesthetics aren’t everything
- The steps to engagement
- How to provide value in your content
- The importance of being different or unique in your market

Steph is a marketing coach, brand strategist, and CEO of The Weber Co. As a coach and business owner, her goal is to empower women entrepreneurs to build a brand that captivates and converts so ultimately her clients can build their legacy, make an impact, and get to their version of the “lake house dream”.

Connect with Steph:

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