The #1 Thing Killing Your Sales

Nov 04, 2019

Is living in the past killing your sales?


You might be saying, Nicole, I don’t live in the past! 


Well, that’s great but living in the past simply means that we let things that happened to us previously affect the way we live right now.


This happens A LOT with sales.


Think about it, we’re feeling bad because of things that happened to us yesterday, or last week, or 5 years ago in some cases.  


Those past events, no matter how big or small seep into our daily thoughts and those thoughts influence our actions.  


Effectively, this means we’re living in the past.  


Let’s take a really simple example that most of us can relate to:


You’re talking to Jenny, a prospect you met online.  You’ve chatted about life, that you both love dogs, you’ve found common ground and built some rapport so now you feel it’s time to pop the question.


You ask her if she’d be interested in hearing more about joining your team and.... CRICKETS


A whole conversation that was going so well just done.  Over. Not a peep from Jenny.


You start thinking about every possible reason for this - was it something you said?  Maybe your opportunity really isn’t that great?


Or...was it YOU?  Did she just not like YOU?


Have you ever done this to yourself?  Hold that thought...


Now at the same time you have another promising conversation going with Tara but now that Jenny’s gone dark you’re afraid to ask Tara if she’s interested.


So you don’t.  You don’t ask. Or you let a long time pass before you reach out to Tara again and now the momentum is gone.


That’s living in the past.


The truth is that what Jenny did doesn’t matter at all!  


Tara has no idea that Jenny even exists, let alone what she thinks of your opportunity.


It only matters to you!  


Your thoughts about it influence how you show up with Tara and everyone else after that, and THAT has a direct effect on your sales.  


It isn’t that someone ghosted your or told you “no” that’s the issue.  


It’s that someone telling you “no” matters enough to you that you let it affect your performance.


You have to detach from all outcomes.  Detach from the past outcomes and detach from the ones that are about to come.  


It can’t be about whether they say “yes” or “no” (or disappear) for you.  That’s giving your power away to the other person and it pulls your focus away from what really matters…


Sharing your product and opportunity in a way that lights YOU up.  It has to be about you sharing something you deeply believe in.


That is your job.


It isn’t to get them to say yes. 


So the big tip to help you close more sales?


Believe more. Feel like you’ve won before you even start the conversation.


The more you believe in your opportunity, the better you’ll be at delivering your message.

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