Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 54 The Belief That Almost Cost Me $15K

Episode #54: The Belief That Almost Cost Me $15K

Oct 20, 2021

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Today’s topic is something people make, save, change, and raise. So what is it? 




Money is a big topic, as there is so much that goes into how we earn money, whether we seek money, our attitudes around money, and more. So much of our lives revolve around money. And blocks around money can be one of the biggest hurdles for many people to get over because we have so many stories and beliefs around money that have been taught to us throughout our lives, many of them that we don’t even realize we have. 


If you think you don’t have blocks around money, you might want to reconsider. We all have “stuff” around money, it just may be at different levels and show up differently for different people. And many people think that simply knowing about their money beliefs is enough. 


It’s not, though, and this week I am sharing a story about how I nearly lost $15,000 due to a money belief I had thought I’d cleared. I’m telling us how it came up for me, how I was able to identify it, and how I was able to work through it. 


If you’re struggling with your own money stuff, I am hosting a 1-day virtual event on October 27th called Ditch Your Money $hit. 


You’ll learn:

  •  The key to making affirmations work for you
  •  The 3 Biggest Money Blocks and How to Clear Them
  •  Changing the Game Around Debt
  •  How to Be in the Energy of Abundance Without Having to Be "High Vibe" 24/7
  •  How to Raise Your "Money Ceiling" to Sustainably Increase Your Income


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