Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 53 Changing Your Relationship with Money with Jennifer Love

Episode #53: Changing Your Relationship with Money with Jennifer Love

Oct 13, 2021

We all grow up creating a story we tell ourselves about money, and especially as women we’re often told a story that has been around forever—that we are to be provided for and money isn’t for us. This week’s guest is doing her best to help women unwind that disempowering money story, and that’s exactly what she’s talking to us about this week. 


Money therapist, wealth philosopher, dark chocolate enthusiast, and CEO of the Living Wealthy institute, Jennifer Love helps her clients develop a healthy relationship with wealth free from overwhelm and anxiety by following a regenerative money equation for a holistic and nourishing experience.


One of her former clients once said, “With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success.” She’s sharing with us some of how she helps her clients begin to discover and unwind their disempowering money stories and re-install a story that will help you to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself. 


She’s sharing how we can do the self-reflection to discover what our money story is currently, where it came from, and how we can start to do the work to build a new money story that serves us and our businesses. 

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