Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 55 The Best Ways To Use Facebook Groups in 2021 with Christina Jandali

Episode #55: The Best Ways To Use Facebook Groups in 2021 with Christina Jandali

Oct 27, 2021

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You might have thought about starting a Facebook group for your business, or you might already have one but chances are either way you have questions about how you can best utilize your group to bring in new clients and nurture your relationship with them. This week’s guest is the “Facebook Group Queen,” Christina Jandali. Christina is a confidence-boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist who is an expert in using Facebook groups as social media strategy for product launches and scaling the business.


Like so many of our guests, Christina started her story in the corporate world, where she “had it all,” and yet something was still missing. She decided that she was no longer willing to build other people’s dreams, and would rather spend her time building her own. While working in corporate, she put on events that raised over $400,000 for a local hospital. Taking the knowledge that she gained from this work, she realized that the greatest amount of growth for an event was partnering with others, and has taken that knowledge into her new career and is sharing how we can leverage collaborative events to build and nurture our lists. 


She’s talking to us all about summits and how they can help to grow your list and your Facebook group without you having to create ALL the content yourself. She’s teaching us how to come up with an underlying theme and message to the event, and how to reach out to the right kind of speakers so that you’re bringing in more of your ideal clients. 


If you’re utilizing Facebook groups for your business (or you’d like to start), you are going to LOVE this week’s episode. 

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