Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 42 Your Vagus Nerve as A Bridge Between Your Story and Your Body with Melanie Weller

Episode #42: Your Vagus Nerve as A Bridge Between Your Story and Your Body with Melanie Weller

Jul 28, 2021

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Many people may have never even heard about our vagus nerve, or maybe read it in a textbook at one point but couldn’t tell you what it is or why it is important.

As it turns out, your vagus nerve is vitally important to your full body health. Nicole is welcoming medical visionary Melanie Weller to the podcast this week to talk all about her work leveraging vagus nerve principles for visionary development, performance enhancement, and fine-tuning genius.

Melanie has clients come in to see her for a variety of physical ailments, and so often she is able to help them identify how so often what is going on inside our bodies acts as a metaphor for what is happening outside our bodies. She helps her clients get to the true root of their issues to help see real change in both their personal and professional lives.

She’s sharing with us the many ways that she sees vagal nerve dysfunction manifest in her clients and how she helps them to clear their blocks to achieve their goals. You won’t want to miss this new take on many of the topics we discuss frequently here on the podcast.

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