Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 39 How

Episode #39: How "Know, Like & Trust" Is Killing Your Business

Jul 07, 2021

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If you’ve been in marketing a while, you’ve probably heard the phrase “know, like, and trust.” In fact, you’ve probably heard it so many times that you don’t even really stop to think about what it means. 


This week, Nicole is breaking down her controversial opinion on “know, like, and trust”—that it’s actually damaging to a lot of entrepreneurs and getting in the way of your productivity and success. 


Far too many of us focus on the wrong part of “know, like, and trust” and get paralyzed trying to get people to like us. We take things so personally, if our content doesn’t get likes we see it as people not liking US. 


This causes us to not say the things that might change people’s minds, and to shy away from being our authentic selves. This week Nicole is taking you through what she believes should be your strategy to build the trust factor with your clients, and it’s not necessarily what you’ll expect. 

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