Episode 22 From Burnt Out Producer to Backstage Business Boss with Donna Clark

Episode #22: From Burnt Out Producer to Backstage Business Boss with Donna Clark

Mar 03, 2021


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For many of us, our business may not be our first career. In fact, we may have spent many years in the corporate world before starting our own business, and that’s what we’re talking about on today’s podcast.

Nicole is talking with Donna Clark, a self-described “backstage business boss” who helps her clients stay in their lane of creative genius. She is an award-winning producer and founder of a brick-and-mortar nonprofit children’s theatre arts academy who took her producing skills to the digital world and launched her own online children’s camp digital membership called the Creative Camp Clubhouse and a Drama Club In A Box digital course.

Donna and Nicole discuss:
-What it’s like to burn out after years in your first career
-Living in an unsupportive marriage and how Donna took the initiative and went after her dreams
-How Donna identifies what her clients need and how her unique skills can help them
-How she keeps her clients in their zone of genius
-How to take your skills from your career and transfer them to your second act

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