4 Tips to Amp Up Your Social Media Prospecting Game

Jul 29, 2019

I hear from Network Marketers all the time that “social media just isn’t working for them”, or “I only have 500 followers so I can’t sell online”.  

Well, I have some simple tips that can change the way you market yourself on any platform and have you making real connections in no time, no matter how many connections you have.

I sell online and bring in prospects EVERY DAY using the methods below.  

  1. Check your perspective - don’t look at being online as something you HAVE to do.  The energy you bring to anything you do will come back to you.  So, if you show up on social media like it’s a chore you will get that same negative, forced energy back.  Instead, start looking at it like a party or an event where you GET TO make connections.  
  2. Take it Online - Online is no different than in real life.  Everything you would do sitting face-to-face with someone can now be done virtually.  Start approaching your social media this way. Engage with people online like you would at an in-person networking event. 
  3. It’s a Group Thang - The best way to strike up conversations with people is to have something in common with them.  This is where Groups are golden! Join groups that align with your interests and be ACTIVE in them.  This is huge. So many people in Direct Sales tell me that they’ve tried to engage in groups and it doesn’t work.  Then I ask them how often they were in them and how much they engaged….CRICKETS. You can’t lurk around in groups or show up once or twice to comment and then expect someone to be open to talking about your opportunity.  Don’t spread yourself too thin either. Start with one or two active groups on topics that you know a lot about or you have a lot in common with the people inside those groups, and spend 10 minutes a day engaging in them. Add value as much as possible.  I promise it will come back to you.
  4. Engage with Followers and Commenters - this is a big one.  I notice that when I follow Network Marketers I almost NEVER hear from them.  What a missed opportunity! I reach out to every follower with a message telling them a little about me and asking them to tell me more about them.  Why? Because that’s how conversations with strangers start. It’s only awkward if you make it that way. Does everyone respond? Heck no! But you’ll be surprised by how many do.  This goes for commenters too. Answer EVERY comment and try to end your answer with a question to them to keep the conversation going.

Let me know how these tips worked out for you.  Follow me on social media (links below) for more tips like these and more. 

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