Abundantly Aligned

Learn to use Human Design & The Gene Keys to unlock your Unique Genius Codes and Build a Business by Design



Learn how to master your design and your energy.


Self-mastery through embodiment and commitment to your genius.


Unlock your Unique Genius codes to stand out, create aligned offers, and a magnetic message


Are you ready to stop playing small?

From Nicole:

You create change in your life through confidence and certainty.  Without that no strategy will work.



Most entrepreneurs are playing it safe in some or all aspects of their lives

Do you dream of accessing the genius you know lives inside of you?

Do you wish you could share it unapologetically with the world?

But let me guess...

You trip over yourself - your gifts get caught in your throat

You're unable to take action and you don't know why

I understand this more than you know

One of my greatest fears in life was that my gifts would die inside of me, never being truly experienced or expressed.

These ways of staying stuck are actually your subconscious mind keeping you ORDINARY.

There are a few things I need you to know...

  1. You are NOT ORDINARY by any means.
  2. You were born with a code with specific gifts that dictates how you were meant to contribute and create abundance in your life.
  3. Your Unique Genius Codes tell you who you're here to be, what you're meant to do, how you best communicate your message, and who you were meant to serve. 
  4. Your entire business can be strategized using your U.G.C.
  5. Identifying your genius is NOT the end-game.  Genius is born in you but it must be nurtured, channeled, and - most importantly - committed to. 

The path to abundance is simple...

We Clear

We decondition ourselves from the way we've been taught was "right" for us.  These old beliefs, codes, and ways of being are removed to create space for new realities to be aligned to.

We Align

We step into our gifts, create business and personal frameworks in alignment with our Unique Genius Codes.


We Move

This is the step of self-mastery.  Committing to the vision by taking aligned action every day.


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